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Squid is one of the most advanced and leading software for the management of the weather forecasts for ships. Developed by Great Circle since 2010, D-ICE has acquired the SQUID software and the metocean activities in the end of 2020 (More information on the press release.). With more than 6,000 users worldwide, Squid is the leading software for offshore racing and sailing vessels.

Squid is available under Windows & MacOS and on mobile version.

More information on

  • High resolution meteorological data
  • Satelitte Images
  • Weather Routing Module
  • Intuitive User Interface

For more information please contact us

  • Squid
  • 1 Rue de la NoĆ«
  • CS42103
  • 44321 Nantes
  • France
  • +33 2 40 37 53 25