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FRyDoM Enterprise Edition (EE)

FRyDoM-EE is a physics-based modelling and simulation framework dedicated to complex marine platforms, structures, systems and operations. Built on top of FRyDoM-Community Edition (CE), it extends the framework capabilities with advanced features. Moreover it can be smoothly integrated in any type of commercial products. FRyDoM-EE is the achievement of many years of applied research and is still under strong ongoing developments.

A comprehensive set of additional modules is available, fully integrated in FRyDoM-EE or available as standalone product.
User interactivity

CATWAY – Catenary Cable Module In house versatile quasistatic cable modelling library based on 3D elastic catenary theory. Non-uniform Morison loading can be applied on lines accounting for fluid velocity coming from FRyDoM environment model (air or water) or CFD calculations. Complex configurations can be modelled with many lines for many purposes such as mooring modelling, tug lines, crane cables, mooring lines and even cables net.

INCA – Inter-Node Communication Every object in FRyDoM can generate messages on the network using message queuing technology. Powerful binary data serialization allows for efficient transfer. This is the corner stone to make communicate our different nodes working along with FRyDoM such as logging, 3D visualisation or user interactivity. You can make the simulation run on a machine and visualise on another!

OCEANiCS – User interactivity Along with 3D Visualisation, user can control the simulation by specifying orders to models actuators. Whether you want to control the rotation of a crane, winches, or a DP system, you have the control and can test new scenarios.


VIPER – 3D Visualisation Module Powerfull state of the art 3D rendering of FRyDoM simulations. By relying on INCA, the network message queuing module, visualisation can be obtained on a dedicated graphics workstation at simulation run-time.

REMAIN – Remote Data Logging Module Along with INCA, the network message queuing module, FRyDoM can have the data logged in an external process with the REMAIN module (REMote dAta LoggINg). No disk IO is then performed in the simulation process so that speed is enhanced. The logger dynamically recognizes your simulation configuration and stores the results into the powerfull HDF5 file format with full metadata for better data introspection (e.g. units, data type, owner, etc.).

McFLY – Advanced Replayer Module By using interactive simulation, you may wish experimenting different decisions/actions. By using McFLY module, simulations can be stopped, rewind to desired state and re-run. System state is periodically stored on hard disks. Version control is used to keep track of any of your experiment using a branching approach. Back to the Future!


PROPULSION FRyDoM-EE has advanced models for propulsion systems. From one to four quadrant, Wageningen B/C/D series have been implemented by our team and are usable for standard, azimuthal or tunnel thrusters. Moreover, integrated force control gives you the opportunity to interactively control the thrusters or connect an external DP system via INCA, our network messaging interface.

FOILS Our team is currently working towards the integration of foil models into FRyDoM-EE. Connected with our control algorithms, this module is going to make it possible to simulate roll and pitch stabilization systems, new-generation racing sailboats into FRyDoM framework… Along with our 3D visualisation system and user interactivity feature, this is a step towards multi-purpose training simulator.

SPARTACUS – Data Visualizer & Post Processor Our tool to visualise and analyse datalog generated by FRyDoM in CSV and HDF5 format. This GUI is specifically designed to maximise productivity by minimising the number of operations required to get the desired plot. As quick as efficient!

  • Constrained Multibody Dynamics
  • Advanced Hydrodynamics
  • Advanced Control Systems
  • Propulsion
  • Complex Mooring
  • Embeddable Framework
  • Python/CMake/C++14
  • Industrial-Grade Software

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