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The Control Solution for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines

A smart controller is a key for the optimization of the performances and the life duration of the wind turbines.

For the last 6 years, D-ICE Engineering has developped innovative algorithms and cutting-edge control systems fully dedicated to control of Floating Wind Turbines. BLADiCS embedds all knowledge and know-how of our engineers. The solution is 100% tailorable to any floater or any turbine manufacturer and is designed to fully exploit the wind resources. Extensive testings and evaluations in simulation are in progress. Comprehensive basin tests campaign has been done 2020. The system will both available as a standalone dynamic library (dll) or fully embedded in a trusted hardware solution. BLADiCS is the ultimate control solution for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines.

Advanced Nonlinear Control
High Power Turbines
Deep Learning Powered

Advanced Nonlinear Control The algorithms are built on modern control theory designed to maximize efficiency of wind turbines, increasing safety and life duration of each mechanical components with respect to standard controller. Besides, our team has developed a rigorous and sharp methodology for reaching best controller tuning.

High Power Turbines Big dimensions require more accurate and robust control. Our control schemes have been specifically designed to address high power wind turbines challenges.

Deep Learning Powered BLADiCS integrates cutting-edge neural networks built on latest A.I technologies. This breakthrough allows to harness full capabilities of the system and resources.

Farm Control
Condition Monitoring
Proven Hardware

Farm Control Powerful collective farm control is currently in development and will be evaluted during the R&D project ECOSFARM lead together with the Hydrodynamic Laboratory of Centrale Nantes.

Condition Monitoring Our engineers have developed innovative algorithms perfectly fitted for smart condition monitoring. The full data spectra are carefully analyzed and exploited in real time.

Proven Hardware Our control algorithms are implemented on a powerful Beckhoff embedded computer matching all certifications and type approval required by most demanding standards. The solution will be tested in Ecole Centrale Nantes basin tank in 2020 during the Softwind Project.

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