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Route planning has always been a crutial issue for the shipping industry to manage logistics. Today, route optimization is at stake to decrease fuel consumption, operate safely the vessels and address risk management with due regard to environment.

D-ICE has developed cutting edge multi-objective algorithm to address that issue and today propose two services described below: operational routing and statistical studies for either mecanical, wind or hybrid propulsion ships.

Some references

  • Challenges
  • Innovation
  • Operational support
  • Statistical studies


Monitoring of:

  • Ship trajectory (Heading & Course)
  • Ship speed or engine power

Find the optimal route through external constraints:

  • Sea state
  • Currents
  • Wind
  • Nebulosity
  • Risk areas
  • Vessel Motions
  • User preferences
  • Etc.


A graph based approach based on an intelligent mesh:

  • Flexible
  • Innovative
  • Reliable
  • Performing

Single objective optimization

  • Fast calculation
  • Upon 1 criterion (safety, ETA, fuel consumption, …)
  • Global optimum path

Multi objective optimization

  • Monitoring of ship velocity
  • Different routes depending on criterions priorities (ex : ETA/fuel)

Operational support

24/7 remote routing and metocean assistance

  • Daily tailorable reports
  • Metocean forecasts
  • Based on your ship performances and your navigation constraints
  • Web based solution (no installation)
  • Post processing of recorded datas


  • Reduce consumption and emissions
  • Reliable ETA
  • Safe route

Statistical studies

Dynamic visualization and analysis of huge amout of routing calculations

  • All type of vessels & propulsion
  • Routing of various years
  • Cutting edge historicals environmental models
  • Advanced visualization
  • Fully tailorable solution

Essential tool to get reliable statistics for design stage, business model validation or project development

  • Weather conditions
  • Travel time / Consumption
  • Operating points
  • Etc.