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As an independant engineering and consulting company, we are supporting the success of your projects. Our deep knowledge in various scientific domains such as data science, artificial intelligence, control or software engineering are real boosters for the development of new technologies. Our goal is to provide robust, modern and cost-effective solutions helping for example to exploit the full potential of the digitalization wave. Through our R&D and our projects, we have gathered unique and specialized skills ensuring our clients the best level of services. Our track record covers a large spectrum of applications.

  • Drilling Control
  • Design of Floating assets
  • Advanced Numerical Simulations
  • Advanced Control Systems Design
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data & Data Science

We are today a recognized company supporting partners and clients worldwide.

Clients and Partners : Jelec, TechnipEnergies, Pole Avenia, etc.


We have an extensive track record in the offshore business. Our simulation and control framework is capable to tackle the most complex and ambitious projects. Relying on modern AI, Data Science, Control algorithms and advanced hydrodynamics, we cover the full spectrum of activities ; from the design of assets up to the execution of offshore works, we are committed to provide the best tailored solutions fitting your needs.

  • Arctic Technologies & Engineering
  • Dynamic Positioning
  • Hydrodynamic Studies
  • Metocean Studies
  • Transport/Installation/Maintenance simulations
  • Operation Planification & Procedures
  • HAZID / HAZOP / Risk Assessment
  • Specifications, FMEA, etc.

We are proud to collaborate with Major Companies, SMEs and Research Laboratories.

Clients and Partners : TotalEnergies, TechnipEnergies, Viking Ice Consultancy, Multiconsult, Chantier Merré, Neptech, Barillec, HydrOcean, Piriou, Jifmar, etc.


Marine Renewables (M.R.E)

Harnessing the massive energy of the sea is one of the most exciting challenge of the 22nd century. The oceans cover indeed more than 70% of the world’s surface and are today under-exploited. Many technologies are today under development.

  • Bottom-Fixed Offshore Wind
  • Floating Offshore Wind
  • Tidal and Hydrokinetic
  • Thermal energy conversion
  • Wave power

We help the development of the technologies by mastering the full life cycle of the products and bringing the power of digitalization. From the design, installation, power production up to decomissioning we provide robust, reliable and site-specific tailored solutions. Through our R&D activities, we have developped solid technologies required for the competitiveness of marine renewables:

  • Numerical simulators
  • Advanced control systems

Resulting from several years of R&D, our solutions are technologies enablers. Our accurate and powerful numerical tool is a mature, robust and a proven solution useable throughout the full life-cycle; from the detailed design up to optimization and monitoring of offshore operations. Our advanced control strategies are recognized keys to optimize energy production and provide the needed robustness in harsh conditions.

Clients and Partners : General Electric, Saipem, NavalEnergies, Sofresid, Weamec, LHEEA, LS2N, FEMTO-ST, etc.


Our team is a skillful mix of knowledge and expertise, able to address the most exciting challenges. A smart balance between highly-skilled hydrodynamicists, sharp control researchers, agile software engineers and AI & data scientists. Committed to our industry, we have developped unique skills, tools and softwares to address actual and future challenges.

We are involved in several R&D projects or Innovation Programs leading for example the way of autonomous vessels. Our range of services covers all your needs.

  • Advanced Multibody Simulators
  • Velocity Prediction Program (VPP)
  • Route Optimization
  • Foil Optimization & Control Systems
  • Advanced Autopilots
  • Full scale analyzis
  • Big Data & Data Science

Our solutions are proven and trusted by numerous companies.

Clients and Partners : Neoline, TOWT, VPLP, Zephyr & Boree, Louis Dreyfus Armateurs, Airbus, Team Banque Populaire, Team Sodebo, Cadden, Pole Mer Bretagne Atlantique, etc.