We are a deeptech company developping game-changing technologies for Maritime, Offshore Energies, Sailing and Marine Renewables Industries.

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Our projects around the world

OCEANiCS For LDA roros
Advanced Autopilot For WASP


3 OCEANiCS autopilot systems for the fleet of LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS (LDA) low-emission RoRos Vessels

OCEANiCS For Neoliner
ECDIS, Weather Routing, Autopilot, Monitoring, Analytics

Istanbul, Turkey

Disruptive navigation system for the world first large sailing cargo vessel

OCEANiCS For Canopée
ECDIS, Weather Routing, Autopilot, Monitoring, Analytics

Marseille, France

We have developped and tailored our navigation system for Canopée, the first industrial hybrid wind-assisted vessel in the world. More info on thepress release.

Yacht Sailing Vessel
DP Expertise

West Palm Beach, USA

DP Performances improvements of High-Performances Sailing Vessel. Tuning & Commissioning.

Ice Engineering

Oslo, Norway

D-ICE is involved as an important technical contributor of a JIP lead by DNV and Equinor. Other participants include Total, OMV, Lundin, Multiconsult, Kvaerner, HSVA and GustoMSC.

DP Sea Trials Large Navy Vessel
DP Systems

Toulon, France

Expertise, Tuning & Commissioning of DP for Large High Performance Vessel

Neoline – Sailing Freighter

Nantes, France

We are technical partners of Neoline offering high level consultancy and expertise for routing and control systems.

Sailing Vessel
DP Expertise

Vollenhove, Neetherlands

Tuning & Commissioning of DP System for High-performance Sailing Vessel

Numerical Simulators

Paris, France

Research Program for Optimization of Offshore Operations. Led by D-ICE Engineering through CITEPH coordination. Partners : Total & Naval Group

DP Sea Trials Special Vessel
DP System

Busan, South Korea

Installation, Tuning & Commissioning of DP for Special High Performance Vessel

Route Optimization

West Africa

Routing for a complex tug operation operated by Jifmar.

SKT 2017
Ice Engineering

Bay of Bothnia

Full scale station keeping in ice trials led by Statoil in Bay of Bothnia. March 2017.

Our Headquarters

Nantes, France

Ideally located in Nantes, one of the most attractive place in France.

Special Vessels Expertise
DP System Expertise

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Survey of vessels. DP Expertise & technical support.

DP Expertise Piriou
DP Expertise

Concarneau, France

Assistance & Expertise for the design, specification and commissioning of Special Vessel.

Stick-slip prevention system
Drilling Control

Houston, Texas, USA

Modelling of drilling operations. Nonlinear Estimation & Control. Patent-pending solution.

DP Expertise

La Reunion, France

DP Jacking Operations with centimetric accuracy for the mega-barge "Zourite" involved in the construction of the viaduct for the New Coastal Road (NRL)
D-ICE ENGINEERING expertise was a key parameter for the success of the operations.

More information in the published papers in the reports and on the press release.

Ice Numerical Simulator
Ice Engineering

Tromso, Norway

Development of a numerical framework for operations in ice covered waters.

DP Sea Trials Oceanographic Vessel

Expertise, Tuning & Commissioning of DP System for High Performance Oceanographic Vessel

Able One
DP Installation & Commissioning

Whitby, UK

DP Tuning, Sea Trials

Bananas (Cadden)
Algorithms Development


Development of filtering & fusion algorithms for CADDEN. More info on the project on the website.