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Ice Engineering

Our team can provide a large spectrum of engineering services for marine operations in ice covered waters such as oil and gas development projects in Arctic areas. In these challenging areas, a deep knowledge of ice drift and ice interaction on an offshore structure are real keys for successful project completion while ensuring the safety of the crew, structure and environment.

Since 2017, together with Equinor and Multiconsult, we are developing an innovative simulation framework named SIBIS.

Intensive development, validation or testing of SIBIS are in progress with several publications in the most recognized conferences and journals. SIBIS is today in the core of the ongoing SESAM-ICE JIP led by DNV-GL and Equinor. More information will be released in the upcoming months. Stay tuned.

  • Modelling & Simulation
  • Model Tests & Full Scale Trials
  • R&D

Powerful capabilities

SIBIS is a multibody and non-smooth dynamics based framework allowing the modelling and simulation of complex marine operations in ice. SIBIS is intensely developed since 2017. D-ICE is involved in several Research project such as the ongoing SESAM-ICE JIP. In this context, SIBIS is used to estimate the ice loads on the structure.

Knowledge & committment

Our Engineers have been involved in several challenging projects such as the full scale Station Keeping Trials 2017 operated by Equinor in the Bay of Bothnia. We benefit from our experiences to help you to maximise the valuability of the trials.

Technical Areas

We are involved in several domains such as:
  • Ice/Structure Interactions
  • Dynamic Positioning in Ice
  • Marine Operations in Ice
  • Innovative Technologies
  • Ship Routing in Ice