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Physics Powered Digital Twin

Project Leaders : D-ICE
Project Partners : LHEEA
Funding : D-ICE, BPI France
This project aims to develop new generation of Digital Twins by the hybridation and coupling of advanced techniques.
Based on strong scientific teams, this project will allow to reinforce safety and security of marine operations while enlarging operational windows.
HYPER-TWIN is a key feature for the development of autonomous marine systems.


Project Leaders : Kara Technology, D-ICE, ESAIP
Meet the future of sailing.
Kara Technology has designed the world first connected sailing vessel called EVA standing for Entité de Voyage Automatisé. This project is the next phase, aiming to add high-level of intelligence and autonomy.
For this innovation, Kara Technology has been awarded by multiple recognitions and prices. More info at this link (in French).


Virtual Captain for pleasure crafts

Project Leader : D-ICE
Funding : D-ICE
MySparrow is a virtual & digital captain offering disruptive functions such as
  • Virtual anchor, inspired from dynamic positioning system from offshore and marine industry
  • High Performances Autopilot with substantial optimization of power consumption
  • Park assist mode for easy maneuvering and berthing
MySparrow is a part of the OCEANiCS suite (Ocean Intelligent Control System).


Optimization of Offshore Operations

Project Leader : D-ICE
Sponsors : Total, Naval Group
In this CITEPH project, new offshore operation concepts will be evaluated on the innovative softwares and algorithms developed by D-ICE Engineering. Next items are covered:
  • Optimization the efficiency of a vessel & reduction of operational costs
  • Optimization and evaluation of new operation designs
  • Evaluation the performances during the operations in real time
Base cases are given in consultation with the sponsors.


Flexible and Rigid body Dynamic modelling for Marine operation

Project Leaders : LHEEA, D-ICE
Funding : WEAMEC, D-ICE
This project is a research project carried out jointly with the LHEAA, the hydrodynamics laboratory of the Ecole Centrale de Nantes and selected by WeAMEC, the West Atlantic Marine Energy Center which brings together the actions and academies of the Pays de La Loire for the development of Renewable Marine Energies.
This project lies in the development of an innovative open-source simulation framework for the simulation of complex dynamic systems involved in Marine Renewable Energy or Offshore Operations. Acknowledged for its technical and scientific excellence, this project including strong technological breakthroughs will allow D-ICE to position itself as a key player in the market.
The complete project description can be found here.
This project has been succesfully completed


Modelling, Analyzis & Description of Marine Embedded Systems

Project Leader : Ellidiss Technologies
Members : UBO Lab-STICC, D-ICE
This project aims to improve methods to qualify and assess Marine Embedded Systems. These innovative approaches will be essential to improve the safety of critical systems. Several high-level scientific contributions are expected.


Optimize energy production and increase operational weather windows of Marine Renewable Systems

Project Leader : D-ICE
Funding : D-ICE, BPI France
The goal of the OCTOPODES project is to develop new and innovative algorithms for the control of Marine renewables such as large offshore wind turbines or floating wind turbines. Several tools have been developped such as
  • Capapy
  • Spicy

This project has been succesfully completed


Supported by the company, our engineers have a strong scientific activity such as participation in numerous conferences and the publication of technical articles. The publications selected below illustrate our recognized expertise.