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Our engineers have deep knowledge in modelling and simulation of complex hydrodynamic platforms in marine environment.

From our R&D programs we have developped a unique and advanced framework solving complex multibody setups with linear or nonlinear Boundary Element Methods (BEM). All elements and features required or involved in real marine operations are included. Our solutions are ones of the most advanced on the market. We are constanly improving our tools and developping new features or models. We have recently started to work on disruptive approaches promising revolutions in the hydrodynamics community.

Stay tuned.

Clients and Partners : Total, General Electric, Naval Group, Sirehna, LHEEA, etc.

  • Transport, Installation & Maintenance
  • Propulsion
  • Marine Renewables
  • Application Cases & Services

Complex Marine Operations

Our solutions are sea proven and solid. The production has followed rigourous and state of the art methods of software devops. Various types of systems, platforms or operations can be modeled
  • Cranes
  • Jack-up
  • DP Offloading
  • Tug operation
  • etc.

Clients and Partners : Total, Naval Group, LHEEA, etc.
Sofwares : FRyDoM, FAST, Nemoh
Langage : C/C++, Python, Matlab/Simulink


Our soutions address all types of vessels - from workboats to FPSOs - and integrate all types of propulsion systems such as

  • Propellers
  • Tunnel
  • Rudders
  • Azimuth
  • Voith Scheinder Propeller
  • Foils
  • Electric Engine
  • Diesel Engine
We have developped in-house numerical codes based on state of the art techniques and are actively working on improved models.

Moreover we can study ship resistance and design the required thrusting system, etc.

Simulation & Modeling of Hydrodynamic Floaters

Modelling and simulations of floaters are essential for all types of offshore renewable systems. We use state of the art softwares such as FRyDoM or FAST and numerical methods to accurately predict the motions and the behaviour of the platforms. We have already worked on all existing systems.

Softwares : FAST, FRyDoM, Nemoh, etc.

Clients and Partners : General Electric, LHEEA, WEAMEC, LS2N, etc.

Mooring Systems Design

Static, Quasi-Static or Dynamic Analyzes. Strength Analyzes including Fatigue and Ultimate loads.

Ship Design Studies

Ship resistance, power/propeller design​, hull forms, etc.

Vessel Stability Studies

Hydrostatics, Intact Stability, Damage Stability, Rules compliancy, etc.

Floating Wind Turbine

Modeling, Simulation, Mooring system, Controllers, etc.