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Dynamic Positioning

Dynamic Positioning is a key technology for the Offshore and Maritime industry. It will also be a key factor for the next-generation automated vessels. Our softwares, tools and products help users, designers, marine crew to design and conduct efficient and safe operations. All our knowledges are embedded in the OCEANiCS and FRyDoM suite.
Our engineers have been involved in many complex projects or operations such as the DP system of Zourite, a heavy-lift jack-up barge able to install massive concrete piles with centimetric accuracy.

  • Capability plots
  • Numerical Simulations
  • Arctic Technologies
  • Expertise
  • Lectures

Capability Plots, an industry standard

D-ICE offers a full accompaniment for the establishment of the Capability Plots. Any combination of wind, current or waves and any operations can be managed. Furthermore D-ICE offers its expertise for non-standard operations (drilling, cable laying, etc.) or challenging environments like stationkeeping in arctic.

Clients & Partners : Piriou, Sirehna, Hydrocean, CNIM, Oil Majors, etc.

Powerful Solutions

Complex operations in challenging environments are demanding. Advanced tools and simulators are real solutions for designing, exploring and assessing the operations, training the crew, etc. D-ICE offers its skills for the development of versatile state of the art ship control and DP simulation modules in all programming language and developed with a high quality process. These developments benefit from the intense R&D programs lead by D-ICE for optimizing the operations, increasing the efficiency and the safety. FRyDoM framework is the concretization of several years of efforts.

Clients & Partners : Total, Naval Group, etc.

"Meet D-ICE challenge"

A new frontier. D-ICE has an unequalled experience of DP control algorithms in ice infested waters and is your privileged partner for the development of this future key technology. Our engineers are also active developpers of the most advanced numerical framework for inumerical simulations in Ice.

Clients & Partners : Viking Ice Consultancy, Multiconsult, etc.

An independent company for a true analysis

We offer you our commitment for all activities including the commissioning of electrical equipments, Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) for DP Systems, design of operations, operational feedback or DP incident analysis with an independent and an external sight.

Clients & Parnters : NavalGroup, Sirehna, Total, Piriou, etc.

Excellence at work

D-ICE offer tailored courses for your crew, engineering staff, etc. willing to understand deeply the technical background and the challenges of dynamic positioning. An inestimable lever for the success of your projects and your operations.