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Control Systems

Control Theory & Engineering are key disciplines and real assets for industrial problems.

We are proud to support smart companies and sharp people and contribute to new and challenging technologies. We bring real added-value and have a strong track record for the control of complex phenomena such as drilling control or floating wind turbine.

  • Modelling
  • Advanced Control
  • Signal Processing & Monitoring
  • Prototyping
  • R&D


Accurate modeling is essential for effective design and optimized performances.

The characterization of the dynamics of the systems is based on accurate modeling of involved physical phenomenons such as mechanics, hydrodynamics, hydraulics, etc. We have developped numerous state of the art simulators such as

  • Drilling Operations
  • Wind Turbines
  • Wave Energy Converters
  • etc.

These models can be based on existing softwares and langages such as

Softwares : FAST, Nemoh, FRyDoM, Matlab/Simulink

Langage : Matlab, Fortran, C/C++, Python, etc.

Advanced Control

Significant improvements can be achieved with robust and efficient control strategies. To achieve optimal performances, the topology and the constraints of the problem are carefully analyzed by our engineers. Then the best suited control scheme is selected, applied and tuned with an rigorous and industrial approach.

We have strong experience with a large spectrum of control methods such as

  • PID
  • H2/LQ/H∞
  • Sliding Modes
  • Neural Networks
  • μ Analyzis
  • Optimal Control

Some applications & references

  • Stick-Slip Prevention Control [Patent Pending]
  • Control of Floating Wind Turbines
  • Dynamic Positioning Systems
  • etc.

Clients : Jelec, General Electric, Sirehna, etc.

Signal Processing & Monitoring

The multiplication and complexification of the systems have made the stage of signal processing essential. Sensors or data may indeed be noisy, biased, mixed, etc. The cleaning and reconstruction processes are crucial for all kind of application. We have a strong theoretical background and track record using advanced numerical tools such as

  • Statistical & Spectral Analyzes
  • Online & Offline Algorithms
  • Linear and Nonlinear Kalman Filtering
  • etc.
D-ICE Engineers have strong experience using marine sensors such as (D)GNSS, IMU, Wind Sensors, Lidars, etc. We have provided statistical analyzis for several projects in different types of applications.
  • Full Scale Tests in Arctic Conditions
  • Monitoring of Hydrodynamic Platforms
Clients : General Electric, Viking Ice Consultancy, Cadden, etc.


Rapid Prototyping is a recognized and proven development method
for the control & testing of complex systems. Two examples are given below:


New Generation of Smart &
Connected Autopilots


Experimental Testing of
Floating Wind Turbine
Project lead by LHEEA | Funding : WEAMEC, D-ICE

Research & Development

World recognized researchers and specialists we have been involved in several research programs where we have developped innovative control techniques based on the latest breakthrough in various disciplines such as Neural Networks, Robust Control Engineering, Nonlinear Control, Optimal Control. Some of our key contributions

  • FRyDoM : Flexible & Rigid Body Dynamic Modeling for Marine Operations
  • OCTOPODES : New algorithms for the control of floating Platforms
  • O3 : Optimization of Offshore Operations using state of the art control systems
  • SOFTWIND : Basin Tests of Floating Wind Turbines
  • COSMIC : Innovative Control Strategies for Floating Platforms in Ice Infested Waters
  • EVA2 : Smart & Autonomous Sailing Vessels
Clients & Partners : Total, Naval Group, Kara Technology, Multiconsult, LHEEA, LS2N, WEAMEC, etc.

Marine Renewables

Naval & Offshore

Drilling Control